Every piece of Victoria.

When Golden Nugget Discovery Tours started tours, there was a Victorian tourism campaign going called "The Jigsaw, You will love every piece of Victoria". The State of Victoria was broken up into different tourism regions, some being the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges, Great Ocean Road, High Country and so forth.

Being situated in Ballarat, Golden Nugget Discovery Tours was in the Goldfields region, hence the name Golden Nugget. The Goldfields region was in central Victoria and covered roughly the area of the 1850's Gold rush, so the region covered Ballarat in the south, Bendigo in the north, Ararat in the west and Castlemaine in the east. The Goldfields promoted the main strengths of the region being History/Heritage, Arts, Food/Wine and Nature/Wildlife.

Jewels in the Crown 

There are 2 towns side by side in the Central Highlands of Victoria which are truly the Jewels In The Crown of the this part of Victoria. They were known as Jim Crow during the Gold rush of the 1850's, and when the Swiss-Italian miners realised that there was something really special about this area, they had some of the gold mining stopped to protect something just as precious as the gold.

Golden Track - the Goldfields Track

The Goldfields Track is the longest shared use track in Victoria.

Linking goldfield cities of Ballarat and Bendigo, the Goldfields Track provides a pathway and cycling track to central Victoria's hidden treasures,                                     from diverse forests and spectacular views to the artifacts and cultural heritage of the greatest gold rush that the world has ever seen.

Welcome to Golden Nugget Discovery Tours. I will keep you up to date with our tours and other activities as they come along.                                                                   First I should let you know the ethos for our tours and our passion for the caring of the environment,and at the same time enjoying the environment.


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