Outback Victoria


4 Days - Melbourne - Little Desert, Wyperfeld, Murray Sunset, Hattah-Kulkyne National Parks - Melbourne

In the far west of Victoria where the temperatures are much hotter and the rainfall is lower than the rest of Victoria, and where the sand is white from when this land was an ancient sea bed millions of years ago, this is where you will find Outback Victoria. 
The Outback Victoria tour travels through small farming towns and over flat fields of wheat, as we explore the following desert National Parks:
The Little Desert National Park - has a range of soil types that causes marked differences in vegetation creating a kind of arid landscape of yellow gum and black box woodland, where the endangered Lowan or Mallee Fowl survive.
The Wyperfeld National Park - is a vast Mallee park with three distinct landscapes each offering a new experience - Big Desert country to the west, Mallee to the east and floodplains and shifting sand dunes to the north.
The Murray-Sunset National Park - plays a unique role in protecting Australia's biodiversity and is Victoria's largest National park. Wilderness Areas were established to protect large areas with relatively undisturbed vegetation.
The Hattah-Kulkyne National Park  - centres on an impressive lakes system with an abundance of wildlife, majestic River Red Gums, ancient Buloke trees amid rolling sand plains and the distinctive Mallee for which this region is renowned.

Outback Victoria

Day 1 - Melbourne - Little Desert National Park - Nhill

In the morning you be met at *Southern Cross Railway Station, Melbourne by your Golden Nugget Discovery Tours Eco Guide. The adventure begins as we travel on our fast train to Ballarat, then swap over to the tour van, driving north west to the Little Desert National Park.
We arrive at Dimboola, which is the entrance town to the Little Desert National Park for lunch. In the park we get to drive along and expore the Wimmera River, as well as, do numerous walks along sandy tracks to view the flora and fauna, and visit a lookout to see the desert landscapes and the desert birds namely the Lowan or Mallee Fowl.


Your overnight accommodation is in Nhill.
From: Melbourne
To: Nhill
Accommodation: 3.5 - 4 Star Motel/Hotel
Meals: Morning Tea, Dinner.
Included Entrance Fees:
Rail Ticket Melbourne to Ballarat,
Little Desert National Park.



Day 2 - Nhill - Jeparit - Lake Hindmarsh - Lake Albacutya - Wyperfeld National Park - Ouyen

Today we head north passing through flat farming country of wheat fields and sheep grazing, before arriving at Jeparit to see the Wimmera Mallee Pioneer Musuem and Lake Hindmarsh.
Our next stop is Rainbow for a short break, then further north to Lake Albacutya for some bird watching and then into the southern parts of Wyperfeld National Park where we drive and walk to see native desert birds, red and western grey kangaroos and Mallee desert plants.
Driving over gravel and sandy roads we make our way to the northern section of the Wyperfeld National Park to discover the different vegetation and huge white sand drifts of the true Outback Victoria.
Late in the afternoon we arrive at Ouyen for our night stop.


Your overnight accommodation is in Ouyen.
From: Nhill
To: Ouyen
Accommodation: 3 - 3.5 Star Motel/Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Morning Tea, Dinner
Included Entrance Fees:
Wimmera Mallee Pioneer Museum
Wyperfeld National Park


Day 3 - Ouyen - Murray-Sunset National Park - Hattah-Kulkyne National Park - Ouyen

After breakfast we head west along the Mallee Highway travelling between the Wyperfeld and Murray-Sunset National Parks. At the small town of Linga we turn off the highway, and head north to the southern entrance of the Murray-Sunset National Park, where we drive to the Pink Lakes. At Pink Lakes we view the pink water of these lakes and do other nature walks in the area to see the desert fauna and flora of this part of Outback Victoria.
After lunch we drive back to Ouyen, then north up to the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park. On arriving at the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, we do several nature drives and walks around the lakes, spotting kangaroos, emus and water birds. We walk to a lookout to get a view of the desert landscape and spot small birds in the trees and undegrowth.
This park borders Australia's longest river, the Murray River, so we will leave the National park and drive a short distance to see the Murray River, before driving back Ouyen for our night stop.


Your overnight accommodation is in Ouyen.
From: Ouyen
To: Ouyen
Accommodation: 3 - 3.5 Star Motel/Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Morning Tea, Dinner.
Included Entrance Fees:
Murray-Sunset National Park
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park



Day 4 - Ouyen - Hattah-Kulkyne National Park - Melbourne

This morning we head south along the Calder Highway until we arrive at the town of Sea Lake and Lake Tyrrell.
Lake Tyrrell is a salt water lake and was made famous for its reflection photos of the lakes surface and sky looking like a mirror.
After morning tea in Sea Lake, we drive up to Lake Tyrrell to see the lake and learn of it ecology, and also to take lots of reflection photos.
Departing Lake Tyrrell we continue down the Calder Highway to the gold city of Bendigo for our lunch break. After lunch we travel to Castlemaine to catch our fast train to Melbourne, arriving at Southern Cross Railway Station where we say our goodbyes.


Your overnight accommodation is in Melbourne. 
From: Ouyen.
To: Melbourne.
Accommodation: Under your own arrangements for Melbourne.
Meals: Breakfast, Morning Tea.
Included Entrance Fees:
Lake Tyrrell
Rail Ticket Castlemaine to Melbourne.



Tour Summary



  • You will be travelling with an Ecotourism Green Travel Leader, certified by Ecotourism Australia.
  • Little Desert National Park, more than a desert as we see the following;
  • Wimmera River at Horseshoe Bend,
  • Pompondaroo Hill Nature Walk,
  • Kiata walks,
  • Stringybark walks,
  • Wimmera Mallee Pioneer Museum in the town of Jeparit.
  • Lake Hindmarsh is the Victorian outback largest lake.
  • Lake Albacutya is a significient RAMSAR wetland when flooded.
  • Wyperfeld National Park is a vast Mallee park, we visit the following;
  • Wonga / Eastern Lookout nature areas,
  • Mallee Fowl / Desert / Discovery and Snowdrift walks,
  • Murray-Sunset National Park is the largest of the Victorian outback parks, we visit the following;
  • Pink Lakes,
  • Lake Becking / Lake Hardy and Kline nature walks,
  • Hattah-Kulkyne National Park is centred on an impressive lake system with an abundance of wildlife, we visit the following;
  • Lake Hattah & Lake Mournpall,
  • Warepil Lookout walk,
  • Murray River is Australia's longest river.
  • Lake Tyrrell, is known for its sky reflections.

Prices and Departures

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1.  The price includes all taxes and commissions.
2.  The tour is available all year, except over Easter period and the hot Summer months of December, January, February.
3. *The tour can depart from Ballarat and Geelong. If you wish to depart from Ballarat or Geelong, contact us so we can make arrangements for you.
4.  We are Free Independent Traveller (Solo) friendly. You wont be paying any surcharge and there are no minimum numbers.
5.  Small Group Personalised Tour, group size - 1 to 5 pers. If you have a larger group, contact us so we can make arrangements.
6.  You will be departing and returning to Melbourne by fast train. This reduces the Carbon Footprint & Climate Change impact.
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