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Ararat & Western Ranges Discovery Tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the spectacular landscapes of Ararat and Avoca. Revel in the natural beauty of the western ranges, immerse yourself in First Nations culture, and delight in the region’s renowned wine offerings.

Ararat & Avoca Natural Wonders & Cultural Treasures

Explore the breathtaking beauty of the western edge of the Great Dividing Range on this tour, a must for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The western ranges are a treasure trove of natural diversity, best experienced in the state parks that dapple the landscape.

Mount Langi Ghiran State Park, its granite peaks standing as an imposing backdrop to the plains east of Ararat, is named after the local Aboriginal term for the “Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo”, which you can spot soaring through the park’s wooded slopes.

The verdant oasis of Mount Buangor State Park invites you to wander through cool fern gullies along trails that lead to seasonal waterfalls and mountain plateaus boasting expansive views.

The Pyrenees Ranges, a blend of natural and cultural history, offers breathtaking views, rugged mountain ranges, abundant wildlife, a rich variety of wildflowers, and the opportunity to spot Eastern grey kangaroos, black wallabies, echidnas, and an array of bird species.

This tour is crafted for those fond of natural wildlife and landscapes, spiced up with a hint of wine tasting and gold rush heritage.

Our journey to the western edge of the Great Dividing Range includes a stop at Lake Burrumbeet, where you can learn about the region’s volcanic past.

In Mount Buangor State Park, you’ll experience a forest paradise firsthand, walking the Ferntree trail, catching glimpses of the surrounding plains through the towering forest, and maybe spotting a black wallaby darting through the undergrowth. Our stop at Ferntree Waterfall is a must-see.

Travelling through Langi Ghiran State Park, we’ll walk the Lar-ne-Jeering track to an Aboriginal shelter displaying the rock art of the Djab Wurrung people. The park also houses a reservoir made from local granite blocks in the 1880s.

In Ararat, we’ll visit the Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre, a rare example of a traditional Chinese pagoda building in Australia. One Tree Hill offers spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding landscapes.

Discovering the Pyrenees ranges, you’ll experience a rich mixture of natural and cultural history, stunning views of vineyards, an array of wildlife, wildflowers, and historical sites. You’ll taste the renowned local Shiraz in Avoca, the heart of the Pyrenees wine region. We’ll also visit a winery in the Grampians region to round off our tour.

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Ararat streetscapes.
One tree hill lookout.
Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre.
Langi Ghiran State Park.
Mount Buangor State Park (Closed at this stage due to Bushfire damage).
Avoca Streetscapes.
Wine tasting at Langhi Ghiran winery – Fri to Sun.



  • Ararat / Avoca Gold Rush Heritage Streetscapes – Experience the architectural legacy of the gold rush era in the preserved streetscapes of Ararat and Avoca.

  • Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre – Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Chinese miners during the gold rush at this cultural centre.

  • Langi Ghiran State Park – A natural sanctuary preserving Aboriginal culture, featuring an 1880s reservoir and myriad wildlife in a verdant setting.

  • Pyrenees Ranges – Offering panoramic lookouts and thriving wild nature, these ranges are a treat for both adventure and nature lovers.

  • Mount Buangor State Park – Home to enchanting waterfalls and cool fern gullies, this park offers a serene communion with wild nature.

  • Beaufort – Step back in time in this charming gold rush town, perfect for a leisurely morning tea.

  • Pyrenees & Grampians Region Wineries – Treat your palate to exquisite wine tastings in the celebrated vineyards of the Pyrenees and Grampians regions.

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