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Ballarat City Walking Tour​

Join us on the Ballarat City Walking Tour, where history comes alive. Stroll through heritage streets, admire Victorian and Edwardian architecture, and enjoy tea at the renowned Craig’s Royal Hotel. Discover Ballarat’s rich past with us.

Discover Ballarat on Foot.

Join this historic walking tour that brings to life the history and heritage of the inner city of Ballarat.

Walk along the gold heritage streetscapes of Lydiard, Sturt and Camp Streets with your guide, who will tell the history of the magnificent Victorian and Edwardian buildings, statues and gardens, as well as, the characters that played their part in the history of this city.

Morning or afternoon tea is taken at the magnificent Craig’s Royal Hotel.


  • Gold Monument, showcasing the 69kg Welcome Nugget,
  • Lydiard Street Heritage walk, one of the best examples of gold heritage architecture in Australia,
  • Sturt Street, a wide boulevard with gardens, 
  • historic Town Hall and Mechanics Institute,
  • Camp Street, former law & order site of the Government Camp, 
  • Law Courts and Police station,
  • Ballarat Railway Station, an impressive building with train hall,
  • Craig’s Royal Hotel, one of Victoria’s grand hotels.


  • Gold Monument and Welcome Nugget: The Gold Monument in Ballarat features a replica of the 69kg Welcome Nugget, discovered in 1858. It celebrates the city’s gold mining history and the wealth it brought to the region.
  • Lydiard Street Heritage Walk: Lydiard Street showcases some of Australia’s best gold heritage architecture. The heritage walk takes visitors past grand buildings from the gold rush era, including theaters, churches, and commercial establishments.
  • Sturt Street: A wide, tree-lined boulevard in Ballarat known for its beautiful gardens and statues. The street commemorates significant figures from Ballarat’s history and provides a picturesque setting for both locals and visitors.
  • Historic Town Hall and Mechanics Institute: These landmarks reflect Ballarat’s rich history and architectural heritage. The grand Town Hall serves as a focal point for civic activities, while the Mechanics Institute once served as a hub for education and culture.
  • Camp Street: Camp Street was the site of the Government Camp, established during the gold rush to provide law and order. The street has a rich history and is home to several important buildings, including the Law Courts and the Police Station.
  • Ballarat Railway Station: An impressive building with a grand train hall, the Ballarat Railway Station reflects the city’s importance as a transportation hub during the gold rush era. The station still serves as a gateway for visitors arriving by train.
  • Craig’s Royal Hotel: Established in 1853, Craig’s Royal Hotel is one of Victoria’s grandest hotels. The hotel is renowned for its luxurious interiors and has hosted royalty, politicians, and celebrities. It offers modern amenities and a taste of Ballarat’s elegant past.

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  • Tours are available 7 days a week
  • Not including Public Holidays


  • Meet at the Gold Monument, Corner of Sturt & Albert Streets, Ballarat Central.
  • Morning tea is included
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions prior to booking


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