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Ballarat Discovery Tour​

Discover the historic city of Ballarat on this full-day tour that uncovers the city’s rich heritage and iconic locations. Dating back to the gold rush of the 1850s, Ballarat boasts a compelling history that tells the story of one of the great goldfield cities of the era.

Discover Ballarat

On this tour you discover the Iconic places of this city, visiting heritage & historic locations of the 1850’s gold rush, as well as, natural area’s to view wild nature.

Your first stop will be the Blackhill lookout, where you will have panoramic views of Ballarat, and then to the inner city to walk along Lydiard Street, the best example of Victorian/Edwardian streetscape architecture in Australia. Entry to the Fine Art Gallery and morning tea at the famous Craigs Royal Hotel is included.

Entry to the Eureka Centre is included to learn about the miner’s democratic struggle leading up the Eureka Rebellion, the only armed conflict between miners and Government forces.

View the jewel in the crown of Ballarat – Lake Wendouree & walk the Ballarat Botanical Gardens to see the Prime Ministers Avenue, floral garden beds, statues and imposing trees.

Travel to the outskirts of Ballarat, to Buninyong, Victoria’s oldest inland settlement, and to Mt Buninyong, an extinct volcano with breathtaking vista’s and wild koalas.

The afternoon is spent at Sovereign Hill, which is an outdoor living museum depicting Ballarat in the 1860’s. Walk down Main Street, go down Redhill goldmine, pan for gold in the creek, ride a stagecoach, try a hearty meal in one of the restaurants, and watch a $150,000 gold ingot being poured.

Eco Tourism Certified


  • Blackhill & Golden Point lookouts
  • Lydiard Street historic walk, including morning tea at the famous Craig’s Royal Hotel
  • Buninyong historic town & Mt Buninyong
  • Wild nature of Woowookarung Regional Park & Union Jack Reserve
  • Arch of Victory & Avenue of Honour,
  • Lake Wendouree &
  • Botanical gardens,
  • Entry to the Eureka Centre, the battlefield site of the Eureka Stockade rebellion,
  • Entry to the Fine Art Gallery,
  • Entry to Sovereign Hill,
  • Entry to Ludbrook House – Ballarat Orphanage Museum.


  • Blackhill & Golden Point Lookouts: These scenic vantage points offer breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area. At Blackhill, experience the rugged beauty of the terrain, and at Golden Point, witness the expansive vista of historic gold mining sites, possibly catching a glimpse of a gold prospector or two.

  • Lydiard Street historic walk, including morning tea at the famous Craig’s Royal Hotel: Lydiard Street is a treasure trove of Victorian-era architecture. On a leisurely stroll, you’ll pass heritage buildings, churches, and quaint shops. The experience culminates in a morning tea at Craig’s Royal Hotel, a stunning example of Gold Rush era opulence, where you can savour delicious pastries and sip aromatic tea in the grandeur of its luxurious interior.

  • Buninyong historic town & Mt Buninyong: Explore Buninyong, one of the oldest inland settlements in Victoria, rich with 19th-century architecture and charming, rustic landscapes. A visit to the extinct volcano, Mount Buninyong, offers picturesque forest walks and panoramic views from the summit.

  • Wild nature of Woowookarung Regional Park & Union Jack Reserve: Discover the untouched beauty of Woowookarung Regional Park and Union Jack Reserve. These wilderness areas offer an array of hiking and biking trails that pass through a variety of ecosystems, providing opportunities for birdwatching, wildlife spotting, and immersive nature experiences.

  • Arch of Victory & Avenue of Honour: This imposing arch stands as a poignant memorial to the Australian soldiers of WWI. The Avenue of Honour, lined with over 3,500 trees, provides a tranquil and humbling walk, each tree planted in remembrance of a soldier who served.

  • Lake Wendouree & Botanical Gardens: Enjoy a peaceful day exploring the serene Lake Wendouree, perfect for boating, fishing, or picnicking along its shores. Adjacent to the lake, you’ll find the lush Botanical Gardens, home to an array of native and exotic plants, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and nature photography.

  • Entry to the Eureka Centre: The Eureka Centre sits on the site of the 1854 Eureka Stockade rebellion, a pivotal event in Australian history. Through interactive exhibits, you’ll learn about the gold miners’ struggle for rights and the significant impact of this event on Australia’s democracy.

  • Entry to the Fine Art Gallery: Spend time exploring the vast collection of Australian and international art at this prestigious gallery. It houses both contemporary and traditional artworks, providing an enriching experience for art lovers of all kinds.

  • Entry to Sovereign Hill: Step back in time at Sovereign Hill, an outdoor museum presenting a re-creation of a Gold Rush-era town. You can pan for gold, explore the underground mines, watch artisans at work, and experience the hustle and bustle of 1850s life.

  • Entry to Ludbrook House – Ballarat Orphanage Museum: Visit Ludbrook House to delve into the heart-wrenching stories of the orphaned and destitute children who once lived there. The museum brings to light the often harsh realities of the past, providing a deeply moving and educational experience.

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  • Morning tea is included / Lunch is not included.
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  • Melbourne customers
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  • Ballarat Railway Station
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