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Explore the goldfield region of Bendigo and its Surrounds. Bendigo, in the 1880s was deemed the richest city in the world, with more gold found here between 1850 and 1900 than anywhere in the world.


About Bendigo Goldfields

In the 1880s, Bendigo held the reputation of being the wealthiest city globally, as it was the site of the most significant gold discoveries between 1850 and 1900.

Its prosperous past is palpably represented by the grand edifices and landmarks scattered along its main streets, each serving as an enduring testament to the wealth derived from the gold fields. For example, this legacy is ubiquitous throughout the city, along the tree-fringed Pall Mall, where the Shamrock Hotel, with its lavish gold-rush era architecture, and the imposing Post Office and Law Courts stand majestically.

Furthermore, Bendigo’s cultural heritage is greatly enriched by its history of Chinese immigration during the gold rush, which saw thousands of Chinese immigrants settling in the city. The Golden Dragon Museum proudly houses the imperial dragon, Sun Loong, and artifacts that date back as far as 1500BC.

The Joss House, Australia’s oldest Chinese temple, also symbolises this Chinese legacy.

Commonly and affectionately referred to as the ‘City in the Forest’, the Greater Bendigo National Park encircles Bendigo. This park, which houses some of Victoria’s finest Box-Ironbark forests, further highlights the city’s unique character.

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Bendigo Discovery Tour

Join us on the Bendigo Discovery tour to see Bendigo with its beautiful Victorian buildings and also to discover its colourful history.

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