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Embark on Day Excursions from Melbourne

While Golden Nugget Discovery Tours offer many touring experiences, all our tours except for the Extended Tours are designed as delightful day excursions from Melbourne. What sets our tours apart from those offered by other service providers is the unique and environmentally friendly way we approach the journey to country Victoria. With us, you swap the bus ride through potential freeway traffic for a fast and efficient train ride, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable start to your adventure.

Imagine being caught up in a city traffic jam, contributing to pollution, when instead, you could be reclining comfortably on a speedy train, watching the cityscape fade away in the rearview. The V/Line trains have plush seating, expansive panoramic windows for taking in the passing scenery, air conditioning, and essential toilet facilities to maximise your comfort.

Departure and return points for our tours are the Southern Cross Railway Station on Spencer Street, Melbourne. Conveniently, complimentary trams on Flinders St, Collins St, and Bourke St will transport you to Southern Cross Railway Station from your hotel or motel. Please note that an MYKI Card is required for boarding the V/Line trains. We have several Railway Station Tourism Hubs where we either meet you to commence the tour or bid you farewell. These hubs are located at Ballan, Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine, or Geelong.

Opting for trains aligns with our commitment towards environmental sustainability. It’s an effort to lower our carbon emissions, facilitate carbon-neutral tours, and reduce our overall impact on climate change. Touring with us, you can take pride in knowing that your travel is treading softly on the environment.

So, embark on a memorable Day Excursion from Melbourne to the heart of country Victoria with Golden Nugget Discovery Tours. Travel on V/Line trains, and arrive relaxed and ready for an adventure at one of the Railway Station Tourism Hubs.

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