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Old, Cold and Gold, that is what Ballarat is best known for.

Ballarat, a city in Victoria, Australia, is renowned for being ‘Old, Cold, and Gold,’ a characterization that truly encapsulates its rich and diverse history. In recent years, local tourism efforts have endeavoured to shed this moniker, aiming to redefine Ballarat as a trendy, contemporary destination. However, at Golden Nugget Discovery Tours, we have embraced this title, believing it to be a genuine reflection of the city’s authentic charm.

Our diverse tour offerings, which include the Ballarat Discovery Tour, the Ballarat Highlights Tour, the Ballarat City Walking Tour, and the Goldfields Track Walking Tour, have been meticulously curated to immerse visitors in Ballarat’s unique atmosphere.

Each of these tours delves deep into the ‘Old’ aspect of Ballarat. Nothing exemplifies the city’s vintage charm more than Lydiard Street and Sturt Street, which boast some of Australia’s most beautiful streetscapes of Gold Rush-era buildings. We provide engaging interpretations of these architectural wonders, revealing the captivating stories that are etched into their walls.

Equally, we embrace the ‘Cold’ aspect, paying homage to Ballarat’s climate, which is one of the coldest in Australia outside of the Victorian and New South Wales Alps. Our tours operate all year round, regardless of whether it’s hail, rain, or snow, adding an authentic touch to the experience. As part of our commitment to embracing the cold, we share the harsh realities the miners would have endured during winter. During our forest tours, we highlight the resplendent winter wildflowers, particularly the Common Heath – Victoria’s Floral Emblem, adding a touch of nature’s beauty to the cold winter landscape.

Finally, the ‘Gold’ aspect of Ballarat is undeniably a fundamental part of our tours. Without gold, Ballarat as we know it would not exist. We delve into the city’s glittering Gold Rush history, showing you the exact locations where immense amounts of this precious metal were discovered. As one of Victoria’s first major Goldfields, the city’s streets were once rumoured to be paved with gold, a phrase that made its way around London during the Gold Rush.

So, if you wish to delve deep into the essence of Ballarat and truly experience the city’s ‘Old, Cold, and Gold’ charm, we invite you to book one of our tours. We guarantee you an unforgettable journey into the heart of this incredible city.

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