Autumn in Victoria

Autumn in Victoria

Autumn is an extraordinarily beautiful time to explore the state of Victoria, Australia. Distinguished by its definitive four-season climate,

Old, Cold and Gold, that is what Ballarat is best known for.

Ballarat Mine

Ballarat, a city in Victoria, Australia, is renowned for being ‘Old, Cold, and Gold,’ a characterization that truly encapsulates its rich and diverse history. In recent years, local tourism efforts have endeavoured to shed this moniker, aiming to redefine Ballarat as a trendy, contemporary destination. However, at Golden Nugget Discovery Tours, we have embraced this […]

Crown Jewels of Spa Country


Nestled side by side in the Central Highlands of Victoria, two towns shimmer as the undisputed crown jewels of this majestic region. Echoing the vibrant history of the Gold Rush in the 1850s, these towns were once known as Jim Crow. However, when Swiss-Italian miners unearthed something unique in the area, they halted some of […]

Every Piece of Victoria


Golden Nugget Discovery Tours emerged at a time when a Victorian tourism campaign, aptly titled “The Jigsaw, You will love every piece of Victoria

The Goldfields Track


The Goldfields Track holds the distinction of being the longest shared-use trail in Victoria, Australia. This fascinating trail serves as a physical and historical link between the prominent goldfield cities o

Happy New Year for 2019

Ballarat Tours

As we joyfully ring in 2019, I wish everyone a Happy New Year! Whether you are a long-time reader of my blog or you’ve just discovered it, I extend my warmest greetings to you all.