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Golden Nugget Discovery Tours emerged at a time when a Victorian tourism campaign, aptly titled “The Jigsaw, You will love every piece of Victoria”, was in full swing. The campaign was premised on the concept of the state of Victoria being split into distinct tourism regions, each representing a unique piece of the jigsaw. These regions encompassed various charming locales, including the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges, the Great Ocean Road, the High Country, and more.

Golden Nugget Discovery Tours, being based in Ballarat, naturally fell into the Goldfields region. This region’s name, and subsequently ours, was inspired by the central Victorian area’s rich gold mining history dating back to the 1850s. Spanning southwards from Ballarat to Bendigo in the north, Ararat in the west, and Castlemaine in the east, the Goldfields region embodied a wealth of experiences – from history and heritage to arts, food and wine, and natural wildlife.

Goldfields of Victoria

Recently, while perusing a new Official Visitor Guide of Melbourne, I noted some changes. The once coherent Goldfields region seemed to have dissolved, bifurcating into distinct Ballarat and Bendigo regions. Meanwhile, Ararat has been absorbed into the Grampians region, and Castlemaine has been included in the Daylesford & The Macedon Ranges region. Despite these changes, we at Golden Nugget Discovery Tours will continue to celebrate the legacy of the Goldfields region while increasingly highlighting the unique offerings of Ballarat and Bendigo.

We proudly conduct the most diverse tours in the Goldfields, Ballarat, and Bendigo, with our offerings split into six distinctive tours. These include a trio of Ballarat tours – the Ballarat Walking tour, Ballarat Highlights tour, and Ballarat Discovery Tour; the Bendigo Discovery Tour; the Maryborough & Central Goldfields Discovery Tour; the Daylesford & Castlemaine Discovery Tour; the Ararat & Western Ranges tour; and the Goldfields Track walking tours. Each of these can be enjoyed as a day tour from Melbourne or as part of an extended package with overnight stays in charming Goldfields heritage hotels/motels.

In addition to the Goldfields region, we also provide tours of other Victoria tourism regions like the Great Ocean Road, Daylesford & The Macedon Ranges, and the Grampians.

We are also excitedly developing tours to other regions. One such plan is a multi-day nature/sightseeing tour along the magnificent Murray River. Additionally, we’re designing a coastal tour that encompasses the Great Ocean Road and extends to the South Australian border.

At Golden Nugget Discovery Tours, we pride ourselves on our specialized tours of Victoria, Australia. As we continue to explore and share every unique piece of Victoria, we are confident that you will indeed fall in love with every facet of this remarkable state.

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