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The Goldfields Track

The Goldfields Track holds the distinction of being the longest shared-use trail in Victoria, Australia. This fascinating trail serves as a physical and historical link between the prominent goldfield cities of Ballarat and Bendigo, revealing Central Victoria’s hidden gems. From lush forests and breathtaking vistas to relics of a time gone by, this track is a window into the grandeur and cultural heritage of the world’s most significant gold rush.

The journey along the Goldfields Track transports you through epochs of Earth’s history. Witness the remnants of an ocean floor formed nearly 480 million years ago, marvel at a granitic intrusion that pushed through the earth’s crust about 368 million years ago, and walk in the shadows of volcanoes that were active only half a million years ago. The diverse ecosystems that line the track, home to various plant and animal species, are shaped by factors such as climate, ecology, elevation, and geographical orientation. Seasonal changes particularly influence avian populations, leading to remarkable shifts in bird communities throughout the year as autumn-winter migrants give way to spring-summer visitors.

The Goldfields Track unfolds across a fascinating environmental gradient, starting in the cool temperate forest to the south of Ballarat, crossing the undulating Great Dividing Range, and culminating in the arid box-ironbark forests surrounding Bendigo on the fringe of the northern plains. Each unique landscape supports its characteristic flora and fauna, adding to the track’s biodiversity and beauty.

The soil of the towns and forests connected by the Goldfields Track has yielded over 40 million ounces of gold within a span of 50 years. As you journey along this historic route, the echoes of a golden past can be discerned in the crumbling stone walls of ancient huts and pubs and the gold mines and gullies that once held fortunes.

At Golden Nugget Discovery Tours, we offer a variety of walks along the Goldfields Track, ranging from half-day tours to immersive three-day treks. Our tours are the only Ecotourism Certified walks on the Goldfields Track, with an experienced Ecoguide accompanying you throughout, interpreting the path’s flora, fauna, and cultural heritage. Our starting and ending points include Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford, and Castlemaine. European walks inspire our tour model, with participants traversing several kilometres before stopping at a town for morning tea or lunch. Then, they resume the walk to reach the day’s endpoint or their accommodation for multi-day walks.

The Goldfields Track offers an unforgettable journey through Central Victoria. Once you’ve explored its breadth, you’ll have many stories to share with friends about your immersive experience. It’s an ideal day tour for those visiting from Melbourne. You can catch a train to Goldfield towns such as Ballarat, Creswick, or Castlemaine, where our team will meet you and guide you along the track. For further details and bookings, please visit our website.

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